24 May: This is a Note on Death Notices

I am old enough to remember a time when you received a telephone call after someone died. And if the person was particularly beloved by you, a visit. There was someone on the other side of that information to look…


22 Dec: They/Them Who Ancestor Work

My use of they/them as gender pronouns invokes the legacy of those who engage in ancestor work, the knowing that when I am called or referenced, so are my people: many. So is much. My experience of gender is an unplaced multitude, untamed like the spread of salt upon the earth, as many as the people who walk with me; only a nonbinary pronoun is fitting. None of us will allow for containment. Not our bones in the water, nor shouts in the air | | |

27 Aug: Boone. Sweet, Boone.

When I learned that Boone, North Carolina - a small town I lived in nearly 20 years ago - was at the center of new voter disenfranchisement laws being passed by Republicans in the state, I could not turn my eyes or consciousness from them. So this queer warrior is sending some love their way.

12 Mar: of complicated mourning

my aunt passed away two weeks ago and i am deeply conflicted – as many folks tend to be with loss, i guess. while she wasn't a queer warrior, her loss has certainly made me long for one. so i made one up - my sistacousinunclemom.
My Aunt transitioned from this earthly plane Friday, February Aunt struggled with my sexuality. she loved me.

29 Jan: the possibility of the dance

it is becoming ever clearer to me that the universe does not make mistakes. she is kind, full, intentional, and available. she is all that we are. in college as a young dancer i found myself grateful for every moment in a rehearsal or class. for the rediscovery that dancing felt like water or walking.

21 Jan: The Journey Begins

beginning at love. present at my birth, it dimmed and meandered as trauma, loss, hardship showed up as more powerful than the energy that first breathed life into my lungs. love.