The Messiah Complex

choreographed by: Ni’Ja Whitson
directed by: Charlotte Brathwaite
written by: Nia Witherspoon

featuring The NWA Project:
Kirsten Flores-Davis and Ni’Ja Whitson

The Messiah Complex is a love story.  Or many.  It centers on Malika a teenager on the trans-spectrum, who creates an alter-ego named Messiah, a popular basketball star and aspiring rapper.  When Messiah’s secret is revealed at 16, all comes crashing down, and s/her makes a fatal mistake.  DJ Messiah, 10 years later, must face the literal ghost of a past mistake unearthed through a nightclub turned ritual.  But this ghost wants more than reckoning.  Set to the sound of hip-hop, the ring shout, and the wailing of ghosts, Messiah must find a way home.