Rio Negro

installation by: Douglas R. Ewart with George Lewis and Douglas Repetto
choreographed by: Ni’Ja Whitson
performed by: Douglas R. Ewart and Ni’Ja Whitson

The Institute of Contemporary Art, in conjunction with Ars Nova Workshop, is pleased to present Douglas R. Ewart’s sound installation Rio Negro, with performers Douglas R. Ewart (music) and Ni’Ja Whitson (dance). This performance is presented as part of the ongoing exhibition Endless Shout, which asks how, why, and where performance and installation can take place inside the museum.

Rio Negro II consists of rain sticks and chimes, among other elements, all orchestrated by robotic mechanisms. The rain sticks, a key component of the installation, suggest the instruments of indigenous Americans, such as the inhabitants of the Rio Negro basin in Brazil. The audio-kinetic installation also resembles a Zen garden with its clusters of bamboo. Overall, the work cuts across time, mixing a hint of the ancient with the technology of today.