For the Love of Baraka (Douglas R. Ewart and Quasar)

directed/conceived by:
Douglas R. Ewart

choreographed by: Ni’Ja Whitson

performed by Quasar: Adegoke Steve Colson, Craig Harris, Oliver Lake, Reggie Nicolson, J.D. Parran, Edward Wilkerson, Ni’Ja Whitson

Premiere performance of Dance at Vision – On the Shoulders of Giants: Celebrating 20 Years of Vision.

For the Love of Baraka explores new compositions that address the ways that we deal with and regard friends, family, water, each other, life and the Planet Earth. We will explore these vistas through structured musical units and improvisation, which is endemic to my/our work as sound, movement, kinetic, wordsmiths, visual artists and more. Our work will be fueled and propelled by experience, impulse, contemplation and the energies of the community and audience.