A Meditation on Tongues

choreographed by:
Ni’Ja Whitson with inspiration from performers

performed by The NWA Project: Kirsten Flores-Davis and Ni’Ja Whitson

A Meditation on Tongues is a live interdisciplinary adaptation of Marlon T. Riggs’ iconic Tongues Untied (1989).  Part abstract, part performance ritual, part live and historical document, this rigorously layered interdisciplinary project (re)images Black and Queer masculinities. It struts. It snaps. It frames new questions about loss at the height of the AIDS pandemic, while challenging constructions of Black love of/as revolution.  A bold deconstruction of Riggs’ collectivist aesthetics and a raw invocation that shape shifts gender, sexuality, and the body, A Meditation on Tongues, remixes historic and embodied invisibilities, spilling between the spaces of mourning and celebration.