Whitson’s facilitation has been referred to as “a conduit to action” by CultureBot and directly extends interdisciplinary artistic methodologies, the sacred, the healing, and the political, into engagement with a range of communities.

Recent Facilitation Projects

Body Notions

A physical practice series that addresses body/spirit alignment, access, and expressivity. Grounded in indigenous healing intelligences and African Diasporic performance aesthetics, these classes are designed to catalyze your activist, performance, and creative practices through rigorous improvisational excavations. Designed for Trans, Queer, and Gender Non-Conforming Artists of Color and Allies of Color. Can be facilitated for individuals and groups.

In ritual / protest / action / concentrated circles / dreaming / doing / radical art making

The body makes itself vapor
Or it is before it can be
Our time together will conjure
Shape Shifting as process and strategy and spirit
Physical research/play/experiment in rigor will ground and incite while writing will deepen and excavate


Bonespeak doulas writers and performers in the creation of new solo or small group performance works. Grounded in the precepts of the theatrical jazz aesthetic we engage the ways in which personal narrative, ancestral memory, body-based intelligences, and spiritual intervention intersect to inform and facilitate bold artistry from the underbelly.